We thank God for your desire to financially support the ministries of Sovereign Grace Church.  You may direct your tax-deductible contribution to a particular fund or allow us to allocate it as needed.   It is our desire to make the giving process as simple as possible.  Therefore we have provided  the following options for your convenience.  Please read over these options and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Write a Check:

The most common way of giving is writing a check and dropping it in the offering at corporate worship on Sunday.  If you would prefer to mail or drop off a donation at any other time in the week you can do so using our church office address.  You may also specify what fund you want to give to by writing the fund on the comment line of the check.  To give to multiple funds be sure to write the amount for each fund so that we may allocate it correctly.

Sovereign Grace Church
3555 Landco Dr. Suite A


Bakersfield, Ca  93308

Online Bill Pay:

Most banks offer their customers the ability to schedule payments on a recurring basis from their checking account. These funds are paid by the bank in the form of a check. This option is helpful because it ensures that donations are made without being forgotten. Furthermore, since the donation is funded by a checking account and not a debit or credit card (which are regularly replaced and do expire) the concern that a donation fails to be funded is removed. This option can be easily arranged by either contacting one's bank or by logging into an online banking account and setting up an automatic bill payment. Checks should be made payable to Sovereign Grace Church and may be sent to the address listed above.

Electronic Online Giving:

This option is the most convenient, the most immediate, and the most costly.  Online credit or debit card processing providers always charge a fee for their services.  Our processing company charges a flat rate of 3% per gift.  Therefore, $3 of every $100 you donate using this payment method is retained by the processing company and does not support the ministries of Sovereign Grace Church. You will, however, have the option of donating extra to cover the 3% service charge if you so desire.  100% of your gift is still tax-deductible including the service charge.  To take advantage of this giving option, simply use this form.